Lvia Round Semi Recess Drop In Ceramic Basin


The Zumi Drop-in Basins are a popular choice for bathrooms, offering a versatile and stylish option for your sink area. These drop-in basins are designed to be installed into a countertop or vanity, providing a seamless and integrated look.

The Zumi Drop-in Basins are available in a range of colors, including gloss white and matte white. Gloss white offers a classic and clean aesthetic, while matte white provides a more contemporary and modern look. Both options can complement various bathroom styles and color schemes.

These basins typically come with a pop-up waste system, which allows for easy drainage and prevents water from overflowing. The pop-up waste is designed to be operated with a simple push or pull mechanism, making it convenient to use.

When selecting a Zumi Drop-in Basin, consider the size and shape that will fit your countertop or vanity. Take measurements to ensure a proper fit and consider the overall design and style of your bathroom.

To complete the installation, you may need additional materials such as a countertop or vanity, faucet, and plumbing connections. It’s recommended to consult with a professional plumber or bathroom designer to ensure proper installation and compatibility with your existing bathroom setup.

Recommend visiting local bathroom showrooms or researching online to explore the options available and find the perfect Zumi Drop-in Basin with colors of ceramic and a pop-up waste in gloss white or matte white to suit your bathroom design and preferences