Mila Back to Wall Freestanding Bathtub


Mila free-standing back-to-wall bathtub is a unique design that combines the aesthetics of a freestanding tub with the practicality of being positioned against a wall. This type of bathtub provides the luxurious and elegant look of a freestanding tub while also saving space in the bathroom.

The back-to-wall design means that one side of the bathtub is flat and meant to be placed against the wall, while the other sides are curved and open. This allows for a seamless and stylish appearance while also providing easy access for cleaning and maintenance.
When choosing a free-standing back-to-wall bathtub, it’s important to consider factors such as the dimensions of your bathroom.

Recommend visiting local bathroom showrooms or consulting with a professional plumber or bathroom designer to explore the options available and find the perfect free-standing back-to-wall bathtub for your needs and preferences.