Z-Tech Auto Flush Device

The Z-Tech Auto Flushing Kit is a convenient and innovative solution for upgrading a normal toilet flush button to an automatic flushing system.

This kit offers several features that make it suitable for a variety of users, including the elderly, young children, and those looking for an easy-to-use toilet flushing experience.

The Z-Tech Auto Flushing Kit typically includes the following components:Rods and sensor operation: The kit comes with rods that connect the sensor to the flush button. When the sensor detects movement, such as when a user approaches or leaves the toilet, it triggers the flushing mechanism.Battery-powered operation: The auto flushing kit is powered by batteries, eliminating the need for wiring or electrical connections. This makes it easy to install and ensures reliable operation.Auto flushing functionality: The kit enables automatic flushing, eliminating the need to manually press the flush button.

This is especially beneficial for individuals with limited mobility or those who prefer a touchless experience.Aged care and child-friendly design: The Z-Tech Auto Flushing Kit is designed with the needs of the elderly and young children in mind. The automatic flushing feature ensures that the toilet is always flushed, promoting cleanliness and hygiene
Easy-to-use operation: With the automatic flushing system, users can simply approach the toilet and leave, without needing to remember or physically press the flush button. This makes it easy and convenient for users of all ages and abilities.

It’s important to note that the Z-Tech Auto Flushing Kit may require professional installation, especially if modifications are needed to the existing toilet system. It’s recommended to consult with a licensed plumber or bathroom professional to ensure proper installation and compatibility with your specific toilet model.

Z-Tech Auto Flush Device