Zero Sensor Touchless Cistern

The Zumi brand offers a range of sensor touchless push plates for use with their concealed cistern. These push plates utilize sensor technology to detect movement or proximity, allowing for a hands-free operation of the flush mechanism.

The sensor touchless push plates are designed to be installed on the wall above the concealed cistern. When a person approaches the toilet, the sensor detects their presence and activates the flushing mechanism automatically, eliminating the need for physical contact with the push plate.

The concealed cistern, as the name suggests, is installed behind the wall, providing a clean and minimalist look to the bathroom. It is a space-saving solution that hides the cistern from view, leaving only the flush buttons or touchless push plates visible.

The sensor touchless push plate and concealed cistern can be installed with various pan options such as the Java pan, Zero pan, and Venus pan. These pan options are compatible with the sensor touchless push plate and concealed cistern system.

Zero Sensor Touchless Installation